Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) Communications

Education Queensland

CRC Applicants – KDSC Communications
RE: Proposal of Djabugay language teaching at Kuranda District State College
(Postponement of language program)

4 SEP 2020 – CRC Applicants to KDSC
18 SEP 2020 – KDSC to CRC Applicants
2 OCT 2020 – CRC Applicants to KDSC

19 NOV 2020 – Meeting at Cairns Office
with Ken McClean, Justin Butler, Wade Richardson, p
rovided with printed copies of the following document sets:

  1. CRC Applicants and KSDC communications, document set left
  2. AIATSIS communications, document set above
  3. Rainforest Aboriginal People Mapping Summary
  4. Anthropology material, document set on this page
  5. ADDENDUM Education Queensland AIATSIS

Next steps

  1. Send AIATSIS and Education Queensland communications and research materials to working groups
  2. Undertake Tindale Parallel Vocabularies FNQ Rainforest People Study