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Buluwai Indigenous Corporation (BIC) manages Buluwai Country areas of responsibility on behalf of the Cairns Regional Claim Group (CRC) Native Title (QC2016/008) (QUD692/2016).

Buluwai Country boundary is from Freshwater Creek / Barron River junction to Barron Falls at Kuranda, following the Barron River west then south to the top of Tinaroo Dam, then north-east along the Lamb Range ridgelines to Redlynch Valley.

Buluwai honours our neighbouring tribes: Djabugay (north), Yirrgay (east), Muluridji (west), Ngatjan (south west) and Yidindji (south east) with whom we share Dreamtime stories of creator god Bulurru, ancestral lore, kinship and landscape boundaries.

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Buluwai Country
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Buluwai Indigenous Corporation (BIC)