Ngunbay Katjiraka Buluwai (Willie Brim, Clan, Tribe) is the Traditional Owner and Cultural Custodian of Buluwai Country, Aboriginal Rainforest People of Wet Tropics of Queensland (Bama, Kuranda Region). Willie Brim has a 40 year history of activism, music and performance, business creation, tourism and education. He stands proud of his achievements to bring recognition for his Bama ancestors, those who survived on the edge of the Frontier Wars, being displaced decade on decade by mass deforestation of the ancient old-growth Gondwana rainforests of Far North Queensland.

The projects below have been in progress over the decades in various forms. Numerous co-collaborators have worked with Willie to ensure the precious Bama culture will not be lost and forgotten into the future.

The Buluwai Indigenous Corporation are always looking for people interested in the Buluwai Story, and those who want to join us via their time, energy, love, commitment, and above all else those who make wishes for the grandchildren.